Finish Well Ride: No More Easy Days

June 1 – Fifty days from today I’ll be taking off from Oklahoma City on another bicycling adventure that, if all goes well, will end 50 days after that in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada.

The 2017 Finish Well Ride is starting to loom large on the horizon.

Just an hour ago I got a commitment from a couple willing to drive sag wagon 10 days for the last gaping hole on my itinerary.

Thank the Lord, things are finally coming together.

Never mind that I can barely ride 60 miles and then need a couple of rest days afterwards. That’ll get worked out.

As the day draws near the voice in my head that says “you can always ride tomorrow” is now getting overruled by the voice that says “you don’t have time to mess around.”

I like that voice.

Actually, that voice can be merciless sometimes, but I like how I feel when I obey that voice.

My aunt told me how she was once talking to my grandfather, who was a man of few words, but who, when he said something, was worth listening to. She was complaining about how hard her day was and he said, “Did you want an easy one?”

I think I understand what my grandpa was trying to convey: Easy days don’t make us better. They don’t produce endurance or character.

So while it might seem preferable in the short term, it’ll get you nowhere in the long run, whether we’re talking about a ride to Canada or life.

Sure, rest is a blessing, but a life full of easy days can be a curse.

Here’s to no more easy days…at least for a while.

One thought on “Finish Well Ride: No More Easy Days

  1. I see we’re on the map…Coeur d’Alene. It will be a great ride and we’ll be here to pamper you while you rest!

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